The company C. Bruynzeel & Zonen was founded in Rotterdam by Cornelis Bruynzeel Sr., originally producing wooden floors.


Construction of a factory in Zaandam designed by architect Jan Wils known as one of the most modern architects in the Netherlands


Creation of the Bruynzeel Multipanel branch in Zaandam
Cornelis Bruynzeel Jr. launched the production of a high-end revolutionary plywood panel called “Hechthout” designed to improve sailing boats durability and performance.
To demonstrate the superior technical features of this new product, the Bruynzeel company Built a sailing boat designed by EG van de Stadt called “the Valk” (Falcon) made of Hechthout panels.


1940 : The production of the first 200 boats was carried out by Bruynzeel, with the intention of having the design and quality recognized in the official competition. This goal was achieved in the same year as well as the success linked to this product in the marine and later in the building sector

1965 : Bruynzeel has 28 factories in 14 countries, employing a total of 12,000 people.


Bruynzeel Multipanel branch successfully expanded in the manufacturing of selected tropical plywood for the marine sector and intensified its development in the building sector offering an innovative solution for cladding called “Multipaint”: high end plywood panel covered with a robust white phenolic film ready to use on extreme climates.


After decades of a close and strong partnership, Allin SAS, French Okoume and poplar plywood manufacturer acquired the Bruynzeel multipanel plywood section and transferred the production to its factory in Le Vanneau, France


Creation of the ARBOR Group.

Allin and Bruynzeel Plywood join the ARBOR group, a group born with the desire to guarantee a constant supply of quality, innovation and eco responsible products to its clients;
This is ensured by the control of the entire supply chain from the eco-managed forest in Gabon and Champagne to the finished decorative and technical panel.
Bruynzeel Plywood becomes a high end okoume plywood supplier.


The ARBOR group is now composed of 7 companies sharing a common and strong link to the forest including the historical brands ALLIN, BRUYNZEEL and TOUBOIS.