Bruynzeel offers many services from layout to delivery of ready-to-install panels, but also customised format, manufacturing, varnish, lacquering and staining finishes, fireproofing…

Brushed veneers

Brushing the faces consists in removing the soft parts in the direction of the veneer grain. The “brushed” finish makes the surface slightly irregular to the touch and enhances the texture of the wood. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the veneer has better scratch resistance.

Scarf-jointed panels

Bruynzeel offers scarfing in order to assemble panels with thickness from 6 to 22 mm, to a maximum length of 6 linear meters and a width of 2.4 linear meters.

FIT (fungicide & insecticide treatment)

We offer an additional treatment for the Okoume panels to address any possible issues arising from fungal, insect or termite attack.

Panel boring

We can manufacture “sandwich panels” according to your requirements.

Varnish, stain and lacquering

We are able to deliver panels with a varnish, stained or lacquered finish according to your requirements.

Fire retardancy

Several types of panels can benefit from a fire retardant treatment – this conforms to current European standards of fire and smoke resistance.


A wide range of our panels for decorative or acoustic projects can be perforated or grooved to order.

Face and edge grooving

On all our panels, we offer decorative face grooving according to the requirements of your projects: tongue and groove or edge grooving for panel mounting.

Digital machining

Thanks to a state of the art computer controlled system, we offer numerous machining services: cutting, drilling and routing. Machining services are available on several types of panels (rough, laminated or decorative) according to your plans, specifications and timing.

Customised size

We manufacture standard sizes (250 x 122/153 cm; 310 x 153/183 cm). However, in order to minimise waste, we can also customise and optimise sizes according to your requirements.

Face and edge veneering

For your decorative projects, Bruynzeel offers veneer panels in fine wood species, laminated or with aluminium foil decoration. This industrial process, carried out on a calendar, allows for cold pressing on any type of support without risk of blistering.

Kit delivery

For specific or industrial projects, we can offer delivery. Depending on your requirements, these can include machined panels, layout panels or ready to install panels.